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How do I Register?
Returning Members, see this pdf.
New Members see this pdf covering both creating a new profile and buying membership.

How does OLLI Registration work? Can I just enroll in a class?

There are two phases to our registration process. Priority Request Registration (PRR) and Open Registration.

Priority Request Registration is a pre-registration process 3 + weeks before each term starts that allows you to request and prioritize
up to five of any of the classes (including the SIGs!) in the catalog. At the end of PRR, the system enrolls members in classes, filling each seat based on the priority of their request.

During Open Registration (starting one week before classes start) you can continue to add (and drop) classes first come, first served
on a space-available basis throughout the term using the Add to Cart procedure.

How do I Add classes during Open Registration?
See this pdf.

Get A UH ID:

IMPORTANT: The Campus Center ID Office (Campus Center 212) is open 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

Procedure for getting a UH ID

UH ID Student Application Form
You must fill out the form with your name and UH ID # if you previously had one. Check the box for First UH Manoa ID because the only other choice is Replacement, and you are not getting a replacement. Since this form lacks OLLI, check the “Other” box and write in OLLI after you print it out.
There may be paper copies on a table in front of the ID office in the Campus Center that have the OLLI choice printed on them. Sign and date the form and give it to the staff and one of the following forms of identification:

  1. A valid State-issued driver's license with photo.

  2. A valid State-issued photo ID card.

  3. A valid passport with photo.

  4. A valid military ID card.

Office staff will check if you are listed in the memo of current OLLI members as eligible. If it is you will be charged $10, and if this is your first OLLI ID card, your photo will be taken. If you previously had an OLLI ID card, they will reuse that photo and issue you a new card.