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Join OLLI-UHM and meet like-minded peers interested in pursuing intellectual challenges. Anyone aged 50 or older is eligible to join OLLI and take courses. Our educational program runs year-round and is divided into three terms; Fall, Spring, and Summer. Membership is renewed on a term-by-term basis, at $75 per term for returning members $50 for new members.

Your term membership entitles to you enroll in at least THREE classes based on your priority choices. Once priority registration is complete, you may be admitted to additional classes, events, and shared interest groups on a space-available basis. Membership fees are ordinarily non-refundable. Indulge your curiosity!


STOP: You must SIGN-IN BEFORE you can purchase a membership or register for classes.

Purchase Membership?

Becoming a member of OLLI-UHM implies acceptance of the University's
and OLLI's rules and policies, and compliance with them. By submitting your application for membership you are agreeing to follow principles of courtesy and mutual respect that promote reasoned discourse and intellectual honesty.