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Are you interested in teaching for OLLI-UHM?

OLLI faculty and presenters are members of the community who are excited about teaching and involving an enthusiastic group of learners in a new way. Instructors represent a broad range of formal education and life experience. The faculty includes individuals with no college degree and those with a Ph.D. It includes active and retired educators, skilled artists, and sophisticated enthusiasts, as well as community members who are experts in a particular subject. Some members teach in areas entirely different than their professional expertise, as they expand their knowledge base with post-retirement passions. Members may be students in one class and the instructor or facilitator in another.
What’s to be gained by teaching at OLLI-UHM?
Just as our members attend classes for the pleasure of it, our faculty often teach for the sheer joy of sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for a topic. There are no tests to prepare or papers to grade, just teaching and holding discussions with interested and engaged students. Are YOU interested in sharing your interests and expertise with our members?

2024 Key Dates

Summer 2024: Summer term runs from Monday June 3rd to Saturday, August 10th. The term is 10 weeks long. The distribution of summer holidays results in only 9 Tuesdays, and Thursdays so please take that into consideration in your plans.
Submit courses for Summer 2024 by completing this form. To ensure thorough consideration, please submit by March 15. Email if you would like to discuss course ideas.


     OLLI-UHM Course Proposal

Please familiarize yourself with all the questions before entering your answers. You will be asked to provide an official course description (150-word limit) and biography (50-word limit) and other information about your proposed course. To complete the form easily, please have your course title, description, and biography readily available before you access the link. Though OLLI-UHM courses typically run 4, 6, or 8 weeks, we are open to modifying course lengths to accommodate your needs. Courses start throughout the semester.

     Instructor Remuneration

Until recently OLLI-UHM classes were taught primarily on a volunteer basis. We now offer instructors a modest honorarium of $50 per week* (some areas may warrant a slightly higher rate) in acknowledgement of their contribution of knowledge, time, and talent to OLLI. Instructors are not employed by nor remunerated by the University of Hawaii. OLLI-UH Honoraria are processed through the UH Foundation. We also greatly appreciate instructors who teach on a volunteer basis, contributing to the sustainability of OLLI-UHM. Reimbursement for pre-approved class material expenses may be possible upon consultation with the director. UH system employees are not eligible for direct monetary compensation.

Recent OLLI-UHM Course Catalogs

It may be helpful to review past catalogs.  Here are three recent ones:
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Fall 2023
Spring 2023 Catalog
Summer 2023 Catalog