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Frequently Asked Questions

NEW!!!! Questions re classes at the UH Community Colleges.

Is parking free at KCC, LCC, and WCC? 
YES! It is! But at some you will need to display a parking pass on your dashboard and park in specified areas.

Getting to and Parking at:
Kapiolani Community College
     Leeward Community College
Community College

For Classes Requiring Waivers, the 2024 OLLI-UHM Waiver Form should be downloaded, filled out, and returned to Ninia Barr at Be sure to SAVE the pdf after you have filled it out, preferably adding your last name to the document. Be sure to SAVE the pdf after you have filled it out, preferably adding your last name to the document. If you are unable to fill it out online, you may print it, fill it out, scan it and email as above. If you lack the capacity to scan, or have other digital limitations, and there is at least a week before your course starts, you may mail the form to: OLLI-UHM, PMB #460, 2440 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI 96822


How do I register for classes?
The first step in Registration is to purchase an OLLI membership.  Full payment is due at the time of membership registration. You must register a profile and pay for membership before selecting classes.

HOWEVER, once the Priority registration period is over, we advise against purchasing a membership prior to checking if there 3 or more open classes you are interested in. 

OLLI membership are MEMBERSHIPS, not tuition, and are not ordinarily refundable. Review the list of full courses, the catalog, and schedule of classes by day of the week, available on this website.

         How do I purchase a membership?

Returning members Revised Returning Member Registration Instructions
New members New Member Registration Instructions

What if I forgot my password?
Use the “Forgot your password?” link in the white Sign in box.

UH ID FAQs: What will a UH ID Allow me to Do?

Can I use the UH libraries?
Go to: and look under the UHM Special Programs section for the Osher Institute/ Life Long Learning Program to see details of privileges available to OLLI members. In summary, an OLLI UH ID will allow access to Hamilton Library, the use of the public access computers, and the ability to check out books. It does not allow access to online databases, nor computer labs in the library system as our members do not have UH usernames. It does allow card holders to load money onto their card for printing. 

When will my UH ID expire?

OLLI Fiscal 2024 IDs will all have an expiration date of Sep 30, 2024. No matter when an OLLI member gets an ID, whether September, March, June, they will all expire on Sep 30th, 2024.

Can OLLI members use the Rainbow Shuttle?
Though the OLLI student ID allows OLLI members to use the shuttle, for Fall 2023, there is only one route, which circles campus but does not serve as a method to travel to or from the campus from surrounding areas.
What discounts are available to OLLI members?
Your UH ID can be used to get discounts at the UH bookstore, Kennedy Theatre, and a few other non-UH organizations.
Can members on the neighbor islands also get UH IDs?
It is unclear that there would be any use for people not on Oahu to obtain an ID.

Why doesn’t my OLLI UH ID give me the same benefits other UH students receive?
All UH IDs are not the same. Per UH policy, benefits are associated with the primary affiliation that a student, faculty or staff member, or visitor has with the University.  Many of the benefits that regular students receive are based on their payment of mandatory student activity fees each semester. OLLI members are “Non-regular students,” a category that includes members in special programs and non-credit courses. This is the status that qualifies OLLI members to purchase an ID card for $10 good for one OLLI membership year. As OLLI members DO NOT pay the student fees that UH full- and part-time students pay, their associated “student” benefits are more limited and with all non-regular student benefits, subject to change. 


What if I forgot my password?

Use the “Forgot your password? ” link on the signin area.

How many Terms does OLLI offer / run?

OLLI normally runs 3 terms each year – Fall, Spring, Summer.

Will I get a confirmation letter?
Yes, you will automatically receive a confirmation notice by email. 


How do I print a receipt?

Sign in to your account. Select My Transactions from the left menu bar. Locate the class. Under Action, select Print View and print your receipt.

When should I register for a class?

Registration Start and End dates are posted on the site prior to each term.  This particularly applies to priority classes.  You may be able to register for an Open class after then with the help of the office staff. We encourage you to register early as many classes fill prior to the start date or classes with low enrollment may be canceled.

Is there a minimum age for OLLI student classes?

Students age 50 or older are permitted to register for OLLI classes unless otherwise indicated in the course description. 

Can I register for a full class?

If a class is full, there will be a "Waiting List" button rather than an Add to Cart button to the right of the class listing. You may place yourself on the waiting list. If an opening becomes available, OLLI staff will contact people on the wait list in the order that they registered until the class is full.

Are there prerequisites for any classes?

Check class descriptions for prerequisites that apply to certain courses.

When do I pay supplies or materials fees listed in the class description?

OLLI-UHM is not allowed to collect any fees other than membership.  Materials fees are due to the instructor by the beginning of the first class meeting. This will either be in the class description or you will receive an email with instructions.

How do I cancel a class in which I am registered?

You can cancel your class registration online at  Otherwise, you can email with your complete name. We do not accept cancellations by phone. 

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds. You are paying for a membership in OLLI-UHM; you are not paying for classes. In rare occasions, a members may request their term membership to be cancelled and held for a future term.

Are your classrooms handicapped accessible?

OLLI classrooms at Krauss Hall are handicapped accessible.

Why are classes canceled?

We rarely cancel classes. In the past this primarily happened due to instructor illness. On occasion, classes that do not reach a minimum student enrollment are be subject to cancellation. If this should happen, we will notify you and make every effort to help you find an alternative class.

Whom do I contact if I am interested in teaching a class?

Click on the TEACHING link on the left-side main menu.

How do I suggest classes?

Email us at with class ideas.

OLLI Code of Conduct

OLLI at University of Hawaii at Manoa aims to create environments that maximize the learning experience for all members. Many of our classes offer a forum for the lively and passionate exchange of views while other classes create an environment for personal introspection and to maximize a sense of calm. Therefore, our learning community adheres to the principles of courtesy and mutual respect to promote a learning environment that meets the expectations and class needs of the instructor and members. Reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, and appropriate behavior are foundational standards of OLLI.
Transgressions may include denigrating the views or opinions of others, threatening behaviors, offensive or abusive language, disruptive conduct, sexual harassment, discrimination, and monopolizing discussions. Personal attacks are unwarranted.
OLLI members, instructors, or facilitators who do not adhere to this code may be removed from class or denied the privilege of future participation.

What Can I do to help?

You can volunteer to be a class helper, help with special events, become an instructor, recruit new members, suggest new courses, or make a donation.  See the Volunteer page for more information.

What is your Privacy Policy?

OLLI at University of Hawaii at Manoa is committed to protecting your privacy. All personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with a third party. We may use the information collected to contact you about class information, promotional updates, new class information, or website upgrades.  We do not store your payment information on our website.

Where do classes meet?

Most classes remain online, but 25% of Summer 2023 classes will be in person, some outside, many in Krauss Hall. Offsite class locations and directions will be noted in the class description, on your confirmation email, or be sent via email.

We address some of the most common questions we receive. The most topical issues are at the top of the page. Feel free to contact us if you have additional inquiries.


There are 2 stages to registration.

In Phase 1 - Priority Request Registration you have two weeks to request courses and rank them according to your priority. After priority registration closes and the
sorting program is run, you will be informed which classes you are enrolled in, and which you are on the waiting list for. 

Phase 2 - Open Registration allows you to add (and drop) classes on a first come, first served on a space-available basis throughout the term using the Add-to-Cart procedure. 

Registration for priority classes is not first-come, first served. All registrations submitted in Phase 1 have an equal shot at getting their priority choices via the computer-based sorting process. You indicate your top 5 priority choices for the courses you request. The sorting process is NOT random, but based on member priorities. You may note that we have stopped referring to it as a lottery as it led people to believe it was random. It is not.

We use Priority Registration to ensure a fair and equitable process. We notify all prior members and everyone on our contact list  that the open request Priority Registration period has begun.  It is meant to eliminate the need to stay up late, or get up early to be online the first minute registration opens, and hopefully helps to remove the scarcity mentality.
  • We have eliminated the distinction between priority and non-priority classes. Simply decide which 5 classes you MOST want to attend and request those.

Current members sign in to this site, request the classes they are interested in taking, and assign priority numbers to the lottery courses. You will prioritize your choices: 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc, up to 5.
As we stress every semester, you are unlikely to get into limited enrollment classes unless you rank them as #1. This applies especially to art, writing, and hiking courses. Keep in mind that though a #1 is necessary to give you a chance at the most popular low enrollment courses, it does not guarentee you a spot as many more people than the class can hold may rank the choice #1.

Prioritize strategically! You might want to write your course choices and possible priorities on a piece of paper as you read the descriptions in the catalog. Classes with limits of <15 should be ranked #1 to maximize your chances. Unlimited courses can be ranked #5. NOTE priorities given to more than 5 courses will be deleted prior to the sorting. Excessive requests slow resolution of waiting lists, hampering everyone’s enrollment. The sorting runs on Jan 6th.

The system will notify members after the sorting runs as to which classes they are registered for and which ones they are waitlisted for.