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SPRING 2024 Instructor Course Description Videos

OLLI-UHM Spring 2024 Open House 
OLLI Instructors describe their spring classes. Times denote start of instructor recording. Richard Bradshaw :08, Sylvia Schiada 3:23, Robin Bush 7:40, Alex Alexander 10:10, Pradip Kar 12:40, John Fleckles 15:56, Les Ozawa 18:38, Gita Kar 21:26, Jane Raissle 24:20, Melissa Yee 28:32, Tom Sheeran 30:50, Diana Duff 32:50, Mark Steiner 35:45, Karen Carlisle 38:48, Jim Hesse 40:47, Carole talking about Mati Joyias Islam class 42:46, Carole talking about Gail Karlen’s fused glass class 44:20.

455. Plant-based eating and the Aina: Address climate change with diet change Vivienne Aronowitz

499. How to Get a Literary Agent: Book Publishing & Writing Jamie Novak

500. 3 Steps to Solve the Paperwork Piles Jamie Novak

502. How to Declutter Your Home: Room by Room Jamie Novak

503. 3 Steps Sort Out Photographs (Paper & Digital) Jamie Novak

514. Backstage Hollywood Films Lloyd Lim

515. Writing a Legacy Letter Jay Sherwin

533. Public Policy Advocacy 
Lloyd Lim

535. Exploring the Glorious Winter/Spring Skies, and 536. Exploring Nature Through Mixed Media Victoria Leo