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Spring 2024 Class Volunteers Needed!!

Ever wanted to be a cool TA? Here’s your chance! Learn how to be a OLLI Teaching Assistant for Zoom or for in-person classes and help make all your OLLI classes better (and better and better).  Remember, you don’t just take classes at OLLI, you become a member of a lifelong learning community!  Let us know if you are interested in being a class assistant by taking this survey. Training and mentorship will be provided. 

Logging into Zoom accounts pdf for volunteer helpers


Opportunities for enjoyment beyond participating in class experiences. 

Volunteers are always needed. You need not have prior experience or expertise in a particular field, although it is always welcome. Everyone has the talent to help in some capacity, whether it's facilitating a Zoom meeting, or serving on a committee to evaluate course proposals, or assisting new members. OLLI depends on its member volunteers to help defray costs that would otherwise have to be covered through member dues, so consider lending a few hours to help OLLI become ever more dynamic, creative, and welcoming.

OLLI Advisory Council

The OLLI Advisory Council is always looking for volunteers. The council advises the director with respect to establishing policies, practices, and guidelines for the program, and coordinates the plans and activities of OLLI. The council is composed of several members who meet on an as-needed basis.  Volunteers play a number of crucial roles, and their responsibilities can be minimal or extensive, depending upon the committee and task at hand. Responsibilities may include reviewing course and instructor proposals, organizing training programs for coordinators and new members, greeting members, assisting the Director with policy or operational decisions, and implementing academic enrichment and social events. 

Ad-Hoc Committees

The Director may organize Ad-Hoc committees on an as-needed basis for specific purposes and solicit volunteers to participate. These might include implementing training for members and instructors on equipment in the OLLI classrooms; identifying and addressing issues that OLLI members experience in the classroom, or implementing fundraising or membership campaigns to secure OLLI’s future.